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Webinar Host Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE

About Bill

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE is widely recognized as the financial services foremost expert in how to build a thriving referral-based business. His books, Get More Referrals Now!, Don’t Keep Me a Secret!, and Beyond Referrals have revolutionized the way financial professionals are acquiring more and better clients through referrals. And his latest book, Radical Relevance is a groundbreaking next step in client acquisition strategies. Bill is the president of Referral Coach International.

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Becoming Radically Relevant in Unpredictable Times

What you do (or don't do) to grow your business today will show up 3 to 6 months from now. If you put off working on client acquisition, you may be digging a hole in your business!

In this just-in-time virtual lesson with Bill Cates, you will discover:

  • Why now is a time to be bold about your value and how advisors are growing their business during this perfect storm (virus, economy, stock market)
  • What other successful financial professionals are doing to grow their business during these trying times.
  • How to message your value proposition to attract just the right clients and repel the rest.
  • How to communicate what makes you different in a way that matters to your prospects.
  • One huge mistake you might be making when you talk about your value.
  • A process to find the bullseye (Right-Fit Clients™) for your business.
  • How to establish a reputation in one or more target markets to move from push prospecting to magnetic marketing.

This web class will be a high-content, note-taking, ready-to-take-action program!